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Posts by turtlemom_9500 did find this? is Barney from fondant. It's not great but I hope it...
I was wanting to do something new for my nephews 1st birthday cake. He love the backyardigans. I mostly do transfers or fondant. I want his cake to be special and different b/c he's the only baby in the family besides my older kids. I need all ideas. Ive looked at all the backyardigan cakes on this site and haven't seen anything I want. If I wanted to do a large cake the shape of one of the characters, how would I do that?
I use Wilton's Ivory. Sometimes Copper can turn out too dark..
I'm not sure what you mean by a starter recipe? I'm new at this!
Thank you all for your help... Bread sure is fussy!
It's hand-made dough. I've tried a tons of times to make it but for some reason I can't seem to get it to rise enough.. I think I'm following the recipe completely.. where do you sit your bread to let it rise?
I'm wondering why my homemade bread does not rise enough? Any thoughts?
Thank You Nichi! I'll let you know how I like it or if I succeed in making it! LOL!!
Maybe a ladybug or butterflies.
There is a chocolate mousse cake on this site and I'm wanting to make it for Christmas.. It's chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and Iced with chocolate mousse. What is a great chocolate buttercream icing recipe? I got the chocolate mousse recipe off of this site.. Thanks!
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