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if that doesn't work, will freezing it in the pan work??
My sister is baking her first cake ever and she forgot to spray the pan with non stick spray how is she suppose to get it out of the pan.. BTW.. Its a spongebob cake so Its important to keep the shape.... Please help.. tia.....
ty.... ty.... ty
a lil bit of ivory works too
Im wanting TO make gumpaste/fondant balls as a border for a 3 tier topsy turvy cake.. Im in a pinch with time... Can I make the balls ahead of time to put on the cake and if so, How do I keep them from flattening? or does it matter if one side is flat?? TIA
A lil buttercream or Royal Icing would work.. Make sure they are dry before removing them from the wax paper, or saran wrap... you were doing something like this, It wouldn't matter, would it??
My friend uses the buttercream recipe and adds evaporated milk (instead of regular milk) and whips it for about 10 min,,, this works well too
I have 2 smash cakes, one elmo and the other cookie monster done with a half ball pan... take a look
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