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Gumpaste is not recommended for eating. It is for looks alone. If you want something that is edible you should be using fondant
thanks ladies I did think I was being more than fair. Especially considering the time it took me not to mention that fact that I live in balimore maryland and she lives in bowie which is about 50 minutes away and I drove it to her house. It is all buttercream except for the pink fondant pieces on the bottom and the yes those are real beads to make the topper.She is mad and said she would not be calling me anymore. I'm fine with it, I know I did a great job and that for...
Hi everyone just wanted to get a poll on the price of a cake that I did this weekend. The cake is in the topsy turvy section it is the pretty in pink cake. I charged 80 for the cake. I would like to know if you think that the price is fair or did I over charge. The reason I am asking is because the lady( who is a family friend) felt that was over priced.
I would wait until dry
Hi gang....I would like to start making some from scratch cakes since I have the whole cake mix doctoring down solid. for a great tasting yellow or white cake what would you suggest
I always just pour them in at the same time from the opposite sides and they meet in the middle and the line is pretty much straight down the middle. no muss no fuss
Hi I just wanted to get an idea of what I should be charging since this is my first paying wedding cake....she choose "The Glow Endures" from wilton's romantic wedding cakes. She doesn't need all that it is orignally set up for she only needs about 200 servings. the set up I worked out is basically 1(12"),2(10"), 2(8") and it will look pretty much the same. I was thinking of charging about 2 dollars a slice do you think this is fair am i under charging or over charging?
I think it would be ok just for the party...but if you were planning on saving them I would not just for fear they may get some moisture when coming from the fridge to the rooms temp
Hi just wanted to find out from those who have done it....should the candy be scored when still slightly soft? How deep of a score do you need to put on it for the pieces to break apart neatly.
Hi gang for those who have tried these on the sides of cakes. I want to to just a buttercream it possible to do the candy tiles on the sides in this medium i have never seen it on anything besides ganache. Would you just use buttercream to hold them? I know I would have to make them thin so they would not be too heavy to stay on the sides.thanks for the help
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