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So I've never heard of rolled buttercream before is it something you make or buy... Would love to know more about it?
This is by far the most saved I have ever gotten 68... I was very excited!!
I have been wondering the same thing...
viva paper towel works great!
Thanks everyone, it was the cake board that was my problem
Sorry I forget to put what kind of Icing (Buttercream)
I hardly every crumb coat my cake I just don't feel the need to. But If you don't crumb coat you really have to watch how you pick the spatula up off the cake to make sure no crumbs come up with it.. If your worried about getting crumb in the icing then I would say yes crumb coat it better safe then sorry..
I have been having problems with the icing on my cakes cracking, Mostly when I move then. I work with fresh cake NOT frozen. Am I making my icing to thick? It doesn't seem to thick to me but I don't know. What am I doing wrong? HELP!!
I have never used them in that sized pan. I only use them for bigger pans, like a 12'' - 14'' round or square I use 2 rose nails. That works for me, But I'm sure others would tell you different.
I've been using Duncan Hines cake mixes for the last 4 years and never had a problem with them tasting bad. But I have never used the yellow cake mix. I use the classic white, devils food, lemon, red velvet and dark chocolate fudge. Love them all that's what I use for all my cake backing. You should try one of the other flavors and see if you like them.
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