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Here is the problem.I got Easter bunny cake pan,but no instructions.Can someone please tell me on how to bake this cake.Do you bake to half seperate or is there a way to bake it in one piece.I would really like if I could bake it in one piece,since it is going to be sitting up,Im afraid the two halfs would come apart after decorated. Thank you so much. Here is the picture of a pan, so have some idea on what Im talking about.
This is what I got.Petal Pans:15" x 2" = 18 cups of water12" x 2" = 12 cups 9" x 2" = 6 cups 6" x 2" = 3 cups12" x 2" heart pan holds 14 cups.Hope this helps.
OK. I'we got to say this.Doug you are awesome. Everytime someone comes up with a problem that seems almost imposible to me.You come in and TA-DA,fix it.At first when I saw this thread I tought.Now I can't to see who is going to pull this one out.Your sketches are so awesome and simple.You simply turn something almost imposible into something so simple.I think you deserve the spot light again.Way to go.
Here is Debbie Brown books.But for some reason I can't find Kerry Vincent book.I know they had it, too. Maybe they don't carry it anymore.Hmmm,interesting.
Lakeside Collection has the same identical stuff as ABC and LTD.Only in Lakeside Collection you know how much they are going to charge you for the shipping and you can pay with a credit card right away.And also you don't have to be a bussines to order from them.ABC and LTD have a long proccess if you purchase something from them.First you purchase the things.Then you have to wait for invoice in the mail.Then you need to return a payment with invoice back to them.And after...
Hmmmm??? Thats interesting.And I always tought that my cake leveler is the best thing that ever happend to me.I could never get my cakes to be leveled no matter how hard I tried.But the day I got that leveler it was like a heaven on earth.I just love the thing,I never had any problems with it.I really don't know what to think of it.Maybe if you really,really slow you would get better results.Interesting!!!
CC, ofcourse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I usally use this flavoring.It is oil formula, the whole bottle weights .125 oz, but you only need tiny little drop to flavor a whole batch of icing or even a cake.I don't really know where to buy them exactly,since I get mine from local bulk grochery store.But Im sure you could get them online somewhere.They really are great.And I agree nuttela is another great thing to use,too.Good luck to you.
Hi;Halal means no Pork products and no alcohol.What ever you use just make sure you read ingredients and if there is any sort of alcohol or pork(pig) products it a big no no.As for other animal fat it is ok to have it.I have never heard of not eating gelatin unless there is one of those two in it.Good luck.
The one side of the wafer is smooth and the other is diamond pattern.So I think I could use it either way.
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