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Maaaaan,I was sooooo excited about going.And now I can't go .I have to be at Lanchaster this weekend.I had all of the cake suppiles ready to try to do a cake,but it was all in vein.I wish you guys good luck there,and please let us know how it went .
Since I came across this post.I have a question? If the wal-mart said that they would do it for me,do I just take a picture to them or does it have to be digital picture on the disk?
Do you have an option to make a monogram cake topper(maybe made out of RI)? But if the side is a must I think I would like it on the bottom tier.JMHO.
Awww,it turned out really,really cute.I know it is too late now for any sugestions,but I was going to say that,maybe if you had put one of the bunnies down beside the cake and tuned his face towards the cake,with his arms raised up as if he was trying to climb up the cake to be with the rest of the little bunnies,or maybe have one of them handing him a carrot trying to get him to hold on to it,so he could climb up.But anyway the cake turned out great anyway.It really is...
Im so sorry for your loss fooby.He deffinately saw the cake you made for him,he was there with you.I can feel your pain.Im originaly from Europe and today I live in the USA.My whole entire family is still in the Europe.I know some day I will get the same news as you did.But the faith in God and prayers keep me going.Just keep in mind that he is at a better place right now.My toughts and prayers are with you.
That is kind of what I did.I poured BC over it,but it didn't seem to wanna go all the way around.O well,they are all gone by now anyway.Thank you,you two for being so kind to me.
I was playing in the kitchen.And I got this silly idea of making eggs from cake instead of the real colores eggs to give them out to the neighbors for the easter.Well,I guess now I know why God hadn't intended for me to be a chicken.It didn't work .I could not get them to be be all smooth for the life of me.I just tought I'd share with you that CC had made a mad scientist from me,lol.
Happy Birthday ShirleyW.Hope its a great one.
Wow,thank you guys.I just delivered it a few hours ago.She seemed like she loved it.Althou she was sad that most of the kids that were invited canceled and she was going to have only like 4 kids there or something like that.I kind of felt bad for her and didn't charge her anything extra.But she did seem to love it.Thank you guys for your replies,I knew I could depend on you.
Hey guys;Another one of my attempts to be a profesional cake decorator,lol.This cake was a last minute thing,I started it last night and this is the result of it this morning.Originaly lady told me she wanted Thomas cake,and I was getting prepared all week for Thomas cake(face and all the little details),than last evening she calls and she said the boy changed his mind and he wants a Lightning McQueen .That was the biggest wake up call I got.I didn't even know where...
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