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How about a cotton candy clouds?
Here is the link I found for one of those pans I tought you may be able to use for something like that.
I have no idea.But I'd get the smallest round pan I could get and put a few layers and then sculpt it out of it.Or better yet maybe you could get one of those tube pans(it looks like an extra long soup can) and just stand the cake up after its baked.I hope you post the picture of it if you manage to get it done.
I hope this picture can help you get some idea.Good luck to you!
Hey you did your job,baked a cake.How and where to put it was not your problem,they should have worried about that.If I was you I don't think I'd refund the money.If you tought that the table they had was not leveled enough you had a justifiable reason why you didn't put it there.I wouldn't beat my head over that,take it easy on yourself,you did great job.
Thank you glad to be here.I love this place.
Hi everyone, I don't know if you guys already know about this website.This morning I was surfing the web,and found it.I tought it was awesome ,they have all kinds of good stuff(cheap).It I hope it helps someone out.
Wow ,thank you for the warning.She is flat out nasty,I can't believe her.
I think Im going to buy one.Its just so adorable!
I Hope I got the link right!Good luck!
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