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Thank you guys again for your help.I tried again the search engines and found one site that had it.I just placed an order for it plus I treated myself and got me a diamond impression mat.I found some really neat cake sites,so I tought I would share it with you,just in case you never heard of them.Because I never did until now.Some really cool stuff they...
Well, I have never heard of this place before.I just googled it to see where it was, and it is like 3hrs away from me.I live in Altoona-State College area.But even thou it is that far,Im considering taking a trip maybe.How big this store is? If it has a big selection of the cake decorating stuff I may be worth the trip.Thank you for your help.Thank you all,you are so sweet.
You know it funny. I think I have like every single craft store you can think of around me, but you can not find a 3D cake pans for the life of you.The only ones I ever saw were teddy bear, duck, and a house.As for walmart you'd be lucky to find anything that has a word "wilton" on it. . Go figure, I guess that is the price you pay to live back in the bundocks.Web always seemed to be my lifeline,and now it is giving me hard time too.
I have been online a whole entire morning trying to find a wilton 3D lamb pan.I have an order for a 3D horse, and am apsolutely clules as to what to do if I don't find this pan .I know e-bay has them,but just recently I had to close my e-bay account,since it was "hijacked".So e-bay is out of the picture for me.I tried to google it, but every single site takes me to the same link of this one website.I really don't know what to do.Does anyone knows of any websites where...
[quote="cwcopeland"][quote="mbelgard"] This is hilarious!!!!! I was thinking the same thing.How in the world do we go from cakeing to the is definately grose.YUCK!!!!!!!!!
I think that 3D cruiser pan would be better than lightening McQueen car pan.If you bake a cake in 3D cake pan it would be much easier to get wanted shape of the car than if you stacked a sheet cakes and tries to carve from them.
Hi ratio shortening sold by Proctor and Gamble to professional chefs comes in two forms that I'm aware of, liquid called Nutex and solid called Sweetex. Regular shortening is called Primex. The difference between it and regular shortening is that it contains microemulsifiers that allow a batter to hold more sugar and liquid. Most cakes will always have more flour than sugar, but one with more sugar than flour is a high ratio cake. This kind of batter will also hold more...
There is the recipe here on CC for for good density cake.Also if you haven't already.Did you try doweling your cakes before stacking them.I will try to find that recipe and post it,so can see if it is something you may consider.
I don't think it is available in the regular stores.I think that there is the lady that CC memeber "sugarshack" knows that makes it out of her own home and sells it.I think this is the link where it talks about it;
I think that "sugarshack's" BC is the best of the ones I have ever made.It turns out really smooth.And it is excellent to work with.You can find the recipe here on CC.
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