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You know its kind of funny.I can never imagine eating a live looking person.I was just thinking where would you start even if you did.The whole idea of eating this cake is just hilarious to me. This is just amazing.I couldn't do this even in my dreams!
That is very cute cake.I love the hearts on it.And the flowers and the colors.Everything about it is relly,relly cute.Great job.
Hi vividcreations;This link has couple of pic with motorcycle,I hope it can give you some inspiration.Good luck,please let us know how it turned out.
Wow,LisaMae that is the most beautiful cake I have seen in the long time.Rose is my favorite flower and whaen I saw it in the galeries I had to hunt this tread down.Awesome job.I apsolutely love it.
I found it in the model cars(toys)section.I hope you know what I mean.Thank you Jenn123 for the info.I guess it;s just perfect than.I can't wait to try it.Now I have to look for the reason to bake the cake,lol.I think I'll start with my calendar and see if anybodys b-day is coming up.Thank you guys.
Yeeeepeee,I'm soooo excited now.I couldn't find any info on PSI,but I think it does have adjustable valve.This is allthe info I was able to read on the box;"Testor "mighty mini" air-compressor oil-less piston style with pressure relief valve and external isolation mout for quiet runningFan cooled motor with thermal cut-off switch".External mix,single action low maintenance.Comes with unique ball joint 1/4 oz. bottle adapter.But that is about all I was able to find out...
See,that's why this site is so popular that server can't support it,and it crashed.It's one of the best sites on the net.When the server was down,I couldn't log in for couple of days.And let me tell you,those were the longest days I had in a long,long time.I was getting scared.But hey we are back.And one dollar donation is nothing,compare to all the priceless info you can get on here.I found this site a few moths back,and today I have enough confidence to open my own bake...
Hey guys:I have bought an Airbrush at wal-mart for 55.00 dollars.Compressor included.I wanted to buy one for some time now.I have never worked with one before.So I didn't want to invest 2 or 3 hundred dollars and find out I couldn't do it or didn't like it.So I tought this one would be a great way to try it out.My question is I guess?Did anyone seen this one before or used it.Do you think it would work on the cakes.Any opinions,I would really appreciate.Thank you guys. ...
You can get it in any international food markets.You couls google it,and see if there is any markets in your area.Almost all of them have it. I usually use it in "Baklava"(greek nut pastry).Good luck too you.
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