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I was trying to make a valentine heart shaped box with a lid.I didn't like the idea of puting a fondant covered cardboard as a lid.So I tought this waffer sheets cut out in the shape of the heart and then covered in fondant may work.That way the whole thing including a lid would be edible.Im not sure if it would work,what do you think.I guess I could try and see how it turns out.Just an idea.
OK!! Can't we all be grown-ups,and move on something more fun to talk about.How about some ideas on how we can come up with something new and excitig, instead of Agreeing with one side and desagreeing with the other,and so on and so on.So what even if the CCC answers the e-mail.Then what,it won't take us anywhere or make us any better cake decorators.This site is for the people to come and learn something new and not to "bash"the others for the comment they made.We are all...
Hi nursey;I did the cake for the retiring nurse a couple of months ago.If you look in my pictures its the teddy bear with nurse cap.If you like it,just pm me and I will try the best I can to tell you on how I did it.It was really easy! Good luck!!!
Peeewwww,thank you guys.I needed to hear some incouragment.I made a bottle ouf fondant,let it harden,then painted it with colored piping gel,to look like a glass.After the gel hardens it relly looks neat it almost looks like a real glass.Thank you for your kind replies.You are wonderfull.
Hey CC;Me again .This is my latest cake.The lady at work asked me if I could make her a coca cola bear.I have never done one before,and this is what it came out to be.So please be honest and tell me what do you think.She didn't have anything specific,so I'm hoping this will pass.I was trying to make him look like a polar bear,but considering that I'm just starting this cake decorating bussiness,I could not come anywhere close to make it to resemble the real polar...
Nikki;Try to search in address bar for; see if that works.
Hey,I'm going too.Can't leave without me.
Thanks guys.I had preheated an oven to 360,I had to guess.But luckily I hadn't put the cake in yet.Thank you so much.
I'm about to do the stand up bear,but I can not locate my instructions for it.And I have to have it delivered tonight.Can someone please tell me the temperature and amout of time it is supposed to bake.I tried the"Pan Instructions" link here on CC,but it is dead.I don't know what else to do, but cry for help. .Thank you,thank you,thank you.
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