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My ornament cupcakes tutorial got on the Jackie's most favorite holliday list. I feel like I have gotten the best christmas present ever!!!Love ya Jackie And the CC of course
Bump for ya Lea.Come back girl. We love ya.
Since when did this kind of talk replace cake talk on CC?
YAAAAHHHHOOOO!!!!!We are back on!!!!Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jackie and Heath.You two are awesome. I tought I was gonna have to check myself into mental institution.Thank you again. YOu two ROCK!!!
O my goodness, I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard.My stomach is in agony.And I have to redo my makeup.This is just histerical.What in the world were they thinking?This is just too funny.
I had a lady call me this morning and said that her mom wants me to make her a 6 dozen of PB cookies with hershey kiss on the top(penutbutter bloosoms).I have never sold cookies before.Can someone even give a rough idea as to what to price.This lady is going to her mothers house NOW, and any minute "the mother" is going to call me and Im sure she will want to know the price.So guys HURRY please.Thank you, thank you, thank you.Do you think $4/doz would be too much?I don't...
I don't know how good you are with sculpting and fondant.But how about the replica of the church itself.Just an idea.Or if you want to go simpler than that, maybe a sheet cake with open bible on the top(with some bible verse regarding the subject).Hope this helps some.Good luck and let us know what you have decided.Lejla
So sorry to hear about your loss.You and your family will be in my prayers,too.Hang in there girl,CC is here for you if you need to talk.God Bless you.
Wow, I can't believe this post poped up again.Sugar_Plum_Fairy- Yes I had to move the check line too in order for the head to look a bit smaler.I still can belive all of the head ache that cake gave me.
Well, my fellow CCr's.I just had it delivered.And the little girl's reaction was:OMG,mom it's a horse!!!!Then she starts jumping all over the place from the excitment.Then her mom proceeds to call all of the family outside to see the horse.Everybody was just like hipnotized.Boy, watta good feeling.The minute I saw little girls reaction,I didn't really care what everybody else's reaction would be.I made happy the person that counts.I can't thank you enough guys for this...
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