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I was thinking about a two tiered cake with piano keys around the bottom tier and fondant music notes on it randomly.
I've had a request for a cake for a lady I have known all of my life.  Her daughter asked for a cake to include gospel music and soul food in the design.  The soul food part has me completely stumped.  Any ideas?
The price went up 11 cents and the size went down 3 ounces. Disgusted!!!
No, I'm not upset with her at all. It's ironic because I am the one that works hard to get my name out there by participating in a local "Taste", I donated a LOT of cakes to a charity and haven't gotten one call from it. I have distributed business cards and she hasn't.....she just knows everyone. We go to the same large church, and the only cakes I have done for anyone there have been cakes I donated.This has been a very frustrating week for me because it makes me want...
Me and my best friend started doing cakes - - separately but around the same time. I had previously taken a couple of classes at the local community college, but then I decided later to take the Wilton courses and I twisted her arm to go with me. I think she is better than I am (she disagrees), but I'm getting better and absolutely LOVE decorating cakes. She has cake orders every week, and I MIGHT do a cake every 8 weeks. She thinks it is because I work full time and...
If you have time to order Mike McCrary's Cakenology DVD -- I highly recommend it. He builds a car cake step by step.
I need to make a cake that looks like a bale of hay. Thought I would bake an 8" square, cut it in half and stack them. What ideas do you have for making it look like a bale of hay?Thank you.
The buttercream had crusted, and of course the writing was in red on top of white. I scraped it off and re-iced that portion of the cake - there were some decorations that I could not remove at this point. Re-smoothed the top, and wrote again. I've tried to upload pictures but can not do so. Thanks for your help.
The last thing I did was write "Happy Birthday" on his cake, then I moved on to the smash cake. When I came back to do an "overall" look of the other cake, I cringed. The first thing I did was put his name on the side of the cake, then I placed colorful circles on the cake. Then I decided to write in red buttercream "Happy Birthday" on the top of the cake. Evidently I turned the cake and "Happy Birthday" doesn't line up with his name on the side of the cake. How can I...
Look for a member on this site BCJean She makes wonderful buttercream flowers and has a DVD.HTH
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