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Dancy clear Mexican vanilla is my favorite. You can usually purchase it on ebay. It is really strong so it should last a while.
I have mixed the canned frosting with preserves and it works great as a filling. I have also mixed it with my regular buttercream as well.
I worked for a bank for 12 years. I also had checks stolen out of my mailbox before locked mail boxes became popular. Someone forged $12,000.00 of checks on my account. The account was closed as soon as we knew and new account opened. Money available right away...She is totally lying about that.
I think you did the right thing in making a list of exactly what she is paying for. I always do this so that people understand how I came up with that price. It also gives them the option for taking away and/or changing decorations that will fit their budget.Sometimes when I give a client pricing...I also tell them there are other decorations available at lesser cost if they are on a budget.
I think your pricing was more than fair. I normally charge at least 4.00/serving for all fondant icing.As for the gumpaste shoe...I would have probably charged more than 25.00 for that. I always tell people decorations that have to be sculpted by hand will always be extra because they can be very time consuming to make.It sounds like she was being cheap and thought she was going to get all of that decoration for a lot less.
Your divorce cake is so cute! Maybe on the bottom tier you could write some words like..."Time to clean up...", "Trash Day", or stuff like that. I am tired and can't think right now.I have done so many cakes since yesterday. So far I did a golf cake, yo gabba gabba, 40th b-day, 3 tier bridal shower, beach cake, barbie island princess, strawberry shortcake, elmo, cars, movie theme, dentist b-day, jungle 1st b-day, fairy b-day...I did part of graduation cake that I will...
I normally use a little water to stick on buttercream. I know some people also use piping gel.
Maybe you could do a cake with a photo from your wedding day and then different special photos during the 10 years of your marriage.I am thinking this could be done on a sheet cake with lots of small photos or on a stacked cake with edible image photo plaques or you could just laminate the photos. I think a "10" as the topper would be cute on a stacked cake.Good luck with your design!
I think that would be too much cake. I would do either a 7/5 or an 8/5 inch stacked round cake.Since the tiers will be double layered the slices will be pretty chunky anyway.
I am not sure what size your tiers are...but I would probably do the bottom 2 tiers with blue and decorate with hockey stuff on the sides. I would do the top 3 tiers in pink...maybe to look like a princess castle. You could do little windows and butterflies and flowers with a crown on top.I would use various shades of pinks and blues so it does not look like a baby shower cake.Good luck with your design!
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