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So, I have Jenn-air double ovens. They have issues being consistant. In building a second kitchen special for baking cakes, I want to have a dependable oven. Anyone have suggestions, Pleeease! Thanks!!!
I'm headed to Phoenix tomorrow. I know they have Smart and Final's there. I'll check it out! Thank you!
Is anyone particularly fond of their industrial oven? If so would you recommend the brand and model? I'd love to hear the positive and the negative. Thanks!
Hi! I have seen Pastry Pride at a cake decorating store, is Rich's Bettercreme a similar product? Does anyone know of any particular/convenient retailers where I can buy these products? The nearest store that I know of where I can buy Pastry Pride is nearly two hours away! Thanks!
Cakepro- WOW! What I would give to have that store nearby, I wish! Thanks for the link!
Cakepro- Where do you buy your gold powder? I can't seem to find it. Beautiful cake!
Kelleym~ Thanks for your info. I can't remember where I saw it here on CC, but I really think it is a wise idea to have the actual template sizes of cake servings to show customers, so if they want bigger pieces than what they see, they can order more cake. Anyhow, I agree and thank you.
This Sunday I am doing two cakes that I thought would serve 110. An 11 inch, two or three layers, and a 12” by 18” two layer. I’m making the sheet pan into a shirt and will add a little more cake to it to be the “collar and the shoulders”. The people were just here and she was concerned the pieces would be too small. I’m so stressed about figuring servings. I know that the Wilton chart should be enough, but people have their own ideas about how large the pieces will...
Thank you SweetAmber!!
I feel dumb for asking, but I'm a little confused...I thought 10x just meant powdered sugar. I never knew why it was refered to as that. Where do you buy 10x or 6x...does it say on the package?
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