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If you look at my pictures you can see a baby peeking out from under a blanket..... maybe something along that line with the caption of "Have I got news for you!"......
What about the one on his back making snow angels and the other looking on?
How many quarts? Walmart has the 4 1/2 quart mixer in sale for 189.00.... not bad.
Okay, I admit that I took the easy road today. We went to see "Happy Feet" and went out to dinner at a local restraunt. I don't like cooking big holiday spreads for the family because it's just DH, the three kids, and myself. Plus I figure if I don't buy it and bring it in the house I won't eat it. The only thing I bought was a no sugar added pumpkin pie incase anyone has a case of the midnight munchies. I'm so bah humbug it's ridiculous.Debbi
I definately forgot to tell you to get ear plugs My 9 year old gets one song in her head and sings it over and over again! (The last song was the Titanic theme). It was horrible for a bit, then she got the song down and actually went into her school talent show. But those first few weeks, oy vey!
I love all three (yes, I said three) of mine!!! Mine range from cheap to expensive and the cheapest one looks like a boom box. I love to sing with my kids!!Anyway, you need to decide if the machine will be hooked up to your television or if you want it self contained and have a screen on the machine itself. Both of my cheaper machines cost around $50.00 and my "REAL" machine was purchased for around $200.00 . I like them all equally. What you really need to look into...
Man, oh man! You guys are so funny! I just went to my endocrinologist and she said "Cut the carbs!" Do you know what that means? NO cakes, NO chocolate, NO goodies what so ever (that includes bread!). I guess it's a lucky thing that I don't cook on left overs to deal with, no midnight runs at the pies, no turkey soup Mean old doctor!!!!
So much talent! I'm a jack of most crafts, master of none. Before cakes my big thing was beads. I worked in a bead shop that fed my obsession, but also taught me more crafts. I really liked gourd art and pine needle baketry, but my all time favorite was bead making. To hear the woosh of the gas as the fire melted the glass and then to be able to shape that glass any way I wanted to......... so relaxing!!I also enjoy needle work, knitting, crochet, sewing, candy...
Lazy, I can see your getting upset about someone not being appreciative enough of your srtistry to atleast do their best to preserve it before others saw it. While we all love to decorate, it is HARD work. Don't let other peoples carlessness get you down. Just take pictures so that you can appreciate all you do.Debbi
Shoot, I know a little store that still sells them. Maybe I'll have to go get some!
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