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Thank you!
Yes there is a customer who wants burlap on her wedding cake. I have been looking for what feels like days for a way to make burlap out f fondant. I'm so excited to find this post. Thank you for thinking outside the box.
I'm so glad I found this thread today, I looked at SCAL a couple years back for paper crafts but since I added a Cricut cake to my kitchen it will be a great addition. I hate being limited to the cartridges. Thanks NYRchick!
Has anyone seen a burlap texture tool for printing fondant? I have been searching the web and haven't come across anything yet. What about an idea for using something else?
I am a recent subscriber to the magazine (eagerly awaiting my first issue). Just wondering if any of you order the magazine from another source, issue by issue, I have seen the cover of some of the older issues and would love to get copies. I'm having trouble finding it online. Any help is much appreciated!
Is there any difference in the cricut cake and the other models other than the color and mat?
Several times recently I have seen people, in televised cake contests, using a Cricut system to cut gumpaste. Has anyone here used the Cricut in this way? I am curious on how to prepare the mat so the gumpaste releases easily after cutting.
Where do you find the glycerin to use in fondant? I checked at the phamacy and they thought I was crazy.
How do all of you cover dummy cakes?
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