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I just signed it also!
Glad you found them. Would you PM me the site you found them on? It was blocked in your comment. Thanks place above has them.
I got mine off of Ebay.
Thank you for the fast response!
What are the containers called? I searched the sites listed above and could not find them. Thanks for the help?
I use rolled butercream on all my cookies. Everyone always loves the taste. Never had a problem with it being greasy.
Here's a bump to get your post noticed. My son who is 8 is also a big fan. That show seems to play 24/7 in my house. Good luck, can't wait to see your finished cake.
Yours look wonderful. I love to make them and a member here has a blog with great how to info. Here is her link!
You could use the bat and make Holly and berries, Gift tag cookies out of the Tombstone and frankenstein and a handheld bell out of the broom.
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