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They didn't want dummy cakes they wanted it all real cake-4tier-serving 50 guests. Baby size.
I had a request for a 4 tier wedding cake for 50 people and 3 sheet cakes. I told her it would look like a Barbie cake. What are these cheap people thinking. They are having 200 quest.
If the height of the 10 tier is over 4" yes. If it is then covered with fondant it should be secure to deliver.
I love this method. I froze mine with stenciled damask design on it first. So easy to stencil flat.
I would ask what is the next Saturday is best for them. Not available on Sundays.
I had the exact experiance. I hate myself because after 45 mins. of debating I gave in and took the money. These are scammers who found a weak person in me but never again. Paypal will be your new BFF. 100% before you arrive.
I use the syrups that are flavored for coffees in place of liquors, side by side nobody can tell the difference.Evaporated Can Milk has the same fat content of half and half or light cream is another lable for it.
I love what I have already seen, thanks.
Because of trademark issues you can't make money on a lisenced logo.
imagenthatnj-what a gr8 idea thanks for sharing.
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