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Please tell me you have a picture to share with us
Realmente lindo, lástima que no tengo niñas!!
I totally agree with the others. We have feelings, no matter what our age is. I also, crave immediate feedback but I'm trying to learn that the cake is not as important to others as it is to me. I am sure that when you see her she will tell you how wonderful it was.
Te quedo muy lindo y elegante.Me duele la muñeca nada más de ver el "basketweave"
Sorry, I also use it all the time and have not had any problems. I agree with JoAnnB. It is important to remove the dividers correctly and in my case remember the order you want the different color batter.
Hey I read the Star Telegram and missed it, Thanks!
Have you seen the martial artist done with the "little heroes" wilton cake pan? I did that for my son's red tip ceremony. It turned out very cute. I found it on the wilton website.
Please let us know what you decide, flowers get my vote
Acabo de ver el website y puso una disculpa y dice que quitó las fotos que no son de ella. Me alegro de que esten tan alertas aquí y no dejen que se aprobechen del foro.
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