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I'm with crazy4sugar, I go immediately to the "last uploads" everytime I log onto CC. I can honestly say that I don't pay much attention to the thumbnails on the first page.
I don't think Alice's icing is very good for details. It's definately better for the background. I use royal and it is great for details and doesn't break your teeth.
How thin was your flooding icing?I have added too much water to mine and had drying problems. My flooding consistency is about like elmers glue.
I don't know why they are blotchy. When mine have been blotchy it was because the icing was too thin or I didn't mix it good enough.
Great job!The cake is beautiful!
Thanks everyone!These are great ideas!!Does anyone want to share their favorite spritz recipe?
I'm not English, but I love England! Love London, the countryside and scones with clotted cream!After college, I worked at Palms restaurant in Covent Garden. What great memories I have.I hope to take my daughters their someday.
Ditto to what Indydebi just said about the comments. You should have a link in your email that takes you to the new comment. I have to admit that I get excited every time I see there is a new comment. And, boy was I excited to see some of my cookies as inspiration to others. And even better to see my name mentioned. It's nice to be appreciated.
Could you find some sort of tree display and hang the monkey cookies? Banana cookies?
If you want to eliminate the outline, just play with your icing until you get the right consistency.I spread my icing with a spatula or paintbrush.My icing consistency is usually something between pancake batter and elmers glue.Look forward to seeing your did the cream cheese cookies spread much?
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