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Wow Thanks. Cant wait to give this a try
How did you get it to work? I was so eager because it had such great reviews. While it had a nice flavour, it was too dense and heavy for my liking. I used milk and sour cream.I also chose to use egg whites.
I have the same problem when doubling this recipe. It gets heavy like there is too much butter or something. I love this recipe as is I just wish I found a way to double it with success. I'm definitely going to try the recipe by fromscratchsf. I'm not big on vanilla cake so for me to enjoy it, it really has to be good.
These chocolate mousse recipes sound interesting but are they stable enough to use as a cake filling. I really would like to find a nice recipe that will be stable enough to use as a cake filling.
This happens because people comment on the album rather the actual picture. I find that this usually happens because when you post more than one pic, facebook will publish the album with a preview of the new pics that you have added to that album. People will usually place their comments on the news feed rather than open the album and comment on the individual pics. The best solution would be to post your pics one at a time.
Thanks you guys for all the wonderful suggestions. It really helps. It's going to be carnival themed so the table is going to be really colourful. I will use red, yellow, green and blue. I am doing the cake as well so I won't have much time for desserts. I would like to make most of them well in advance and then pop them into the freezer.
Also be sure to check the maximum dimensions allowed for carry on luggage. I travelled once with a 2-tier cake on a plane. The box couldn't fit under the seat so I had to put it in the overhead luggage compartment. The cake arrived safely in one piece (with lots of prayers).
I need to make a gumpaste figure of a man doing an arched handstand. I've only made basic figures. I know that I would need to make a wire armature but I've never made one before. What wire should I use? How will I shape the wire for this particular figure? How do I add the gumpaste to the wire armature? The figure is for a wedding cake topper so it will be dressed in a tux. How would I add the clothes? Really will appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.
I need to put together a dessert buffet for a baby shower. I would like to have a wide variety of desserts so I need to come up with a menu of deSserts that can be made in advanced, especially desserts that freeze well or desserts that can be made days in advance. Pls help with ideas. Thanks.
I've tried the swiss buttercream and absolutely love it. It required more work than other buttercream recipes but it was really easy to make. I find that you need to add as much flavouring as you can to get the taste that you desire. For strawberry buttercream I always use a strawberry liqueur or strawberry flavoured oil in addition to the strawberry puree and the taste is always excellent.Don't give up. Try the recipes again. It's little things that can make a huge...
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