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In the Chritsmas clearance section they had this lunchbox with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cookie cutters inside. The bast part is that the cutters are made so that the cookie STAND UP!! They have Rudolph, Sam the Snowman, the Bumble, and Hermey the elf.has anyone else seen these???!!tara
Ok, now that I'm a cookie cutter addict, how do some of you store/organize your cookie cutters?tara
another product I always said "you know what they need to have..." and then I miss the million dollar idea oh well, such is life.i might have to buy one now!!tara
thanks everyone!!!
HelloI will be buying my first Kitchenaid mixer in the next few weeks. Should I get the Professional 5 plus series (425 watt motor) or the artisan? the price difference is only $20. I plan on holding on to this little gem for a long time. Right now I just bake for fun but I would like to be able to bake for $$ .Any advice is appreciated.thankstara
would someone mind telling me the "rules" for the cookie exchange?I'm new here
thanks for sharing!tara
Ok, so I've seen many different shaped cookies here. My question is where do you buy most of your cutters?tara
I don't have much knowledge but I do refer to this set of instructions quite often.I'll be checking back to see what others have to sayTara
not sure what color. i'll probably end up with stainless steel 'cause that's what my appliances are right now. but, since I won't have it out all the time amybe I should go with something a little more FUN!decisions decisions
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