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Ok, I took the leap and did a cookie bouquet for my hairdresser's birthday. I hope she likes it!!
Ok, I have some RI left over from the week OF christmas (like the 22nd) can I stil use it? Also, how do you know if your RI has 'gone bad'??thanksTara
I just got the 600 the other day as a belated merry christmas to me gift.I got it at BB&B with my 20% coupon and they also have a $30 mail in rebate!! woohoo!!the only prob I had was to clear a cabinet big enough for it to fit in!!
HiJust found this thread.I'm from River Vale (exit 172 on the GSP)I took class I and was in calss II but ended up "dropping" out 'cause I missed 2 out of 4 of the classes (many reasons) so hopfully I can start up again after all the craziness of winter is over.I do small cake orders for my friends and family. My latest addiction seems to be cookie cutters.Nice to "meet" you allTara
I'm sure its already been asked and answered but I can't find it anywhere!I was wondering if you could use the basic wilton class buttercream for the transfers instead of the one that is listed with the instructions. I'm making a cake with a transfer and there will be a little boy there who can't have butter.thanks in advancetara
That was me!I finally tried them ('cause my 4 year old was not going to wait til NEXT christmas)They are cute but a bit wobbly. Maybe once we ice them we can "glue" the feet on. I just thought they were too different to pass up (and at $6 who could say no!??!?!?)tara
Thanks for that tipCan you go to your local bakery for those images?? I just bought my first kitchenaid mixer last night so a new printer for edible images just may get me divorced!! tara
that's very nice.thank you for sharing. my husband (the grandson of the honoree) wants the 3D bear cake. I was like WHHAAATTTT?!??!so, we'll see!!tara
I need to make my grandmother in law a 95th birthday cake. What should I do? I need a cake for like 15 people.thankstara
that's a good idea!hey-where are you in Jersey? I'm up at exit 172 (yes the parkway does go up that far)
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