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I have someone who wants me to do sugar cookie favors for a Barmitzvah with a TV Land theme (old tv shows) My first thought was to a square cookie with rabbit ears coming out of it (maybe in RI)Remote control wouldn't work since its not the right era.Any other thoughts or ideas on what i can do with this theme???thankstara
But how much (cups wise) do you think I need for 3- 2 layer tiers?
I'm making a cake this weekend. Three tiers (10", 8" & 6") each tier 2 layer.I bought the tubs of Wilton chocolate but now I'm reading it takes like crap!!I need to make a chocolate brown color-I don't think my sanity will permit me to make all this icing from scratch!! what to do?!?!?thanks!tara
I am doing a cake that I found in the 2007 wilton book. it has chocolate letters and numbers used on the cake. well, i tried it today and they look horrible!! the chocolate had run up the sides of the cookie cutters (that's what I was using to make the #'s) and then when I went to make the letters the center of the "a" is raised so the chocolate won't hold its shape.any help would be more than appreciated!! I might have to start looking into different type of...
I think you're alright. at least I hope so as I just made icing for a cake I'm making on wednesday tara
I made a BUNCH of cookies today (NFSC) for my son's 100th day and VDay. They are now wrapped in saran wrap and in a plastic "tupperware" box. Do I need to freeze them or no? And if I should freeze them should I do a better job wrapping them in the box? Should I wrap EACh cookie??Help!! Thanks Tara
The cupcakes are good because you won't need a knife. I'm making the numbers out of cakes for my son's class
I was scared about the icing smearing too but it won't. First you should outline your pic in the same icing as your cake (for me-its usually white) then i break out the #4 tip and pipe the icing accross the back and then carefully smooth it out with my far as colorflow-can't help ya really. I think it has to dry all the way through before you can peel it off the paper. I like the BC transfer 'cause then everyone can have a part of the decoration since its...
I just got the KA 600 from BB&B. I used the 20% off coupon and they are also have a $30 cash rebate (by mail) until I think the end of March (which reminds me:I have to mail that in!)I am very giddy over my new "toy". splurge on the 600!! one other thing my friend pointed out on her artisan is that the notch on the bottom of the bowl 'collects' ingredients that don't get mixed in. good luck with it!tara
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