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I've had a FBCT transfer in the freezer for up to a week. just make sure you wrap it AFTER its frozen. I once wrapped it too early and it was a big disaster!tara
what about cookies for a bouquet? could you freeze them with the sticks or is it easier to attach the stick later on (and then-how?)if I could freeze them that would be such a good way to "whip up" a quick last minute gift for someone!tara
I put a little of the cake's icing on the back of each letter with tip #1 to "glue" it to the cake. Or, I have been known to use the "drop and pray it lands where I want it to" technique tara
ThanksI'll have to look at them again and see if they are something I would really usetara
I just saw these on a web site and I'm confused the image then be recessed into the cookie? how would you decorate these?!?? I would like to get them for the High Holy Day coming up in a few weeks but I don't know what to do with them!! thanks tara
WOW! that was fast!thanks I'll have to see what I should do. I don't expect to be getting alot of maltese cookie orders but if it also doubles as a shitzu then i can make some for my MIL (she has one)tara
Someone wants me to do a cookie that looks like a Maltese (white little dog). Do you know where I can start with that one?!??! I was thinking of getting a terrier shaped cutter and "faking" it a little. any other options??tara
I learned another way on CC!!print out what you want on your computer and then tape wax paper over that and then use royal icing to trace right over it. let it dry and TA DA!!The last couple of cakes in my photos are done with trickgood luck!tara
WOW!thanks for that. I don't have one YET but this would be a good excuse to go get me an early birthday gift!! (my bday's in june!)where would be a good place to find one the printers listed in the Tutorial? I have been looking all over the web and I'm not coming up with anything.tara
the reason for that is that the grease from the buttercream will break down the royal icing. I always use the plastic throw away bags (too lazy to clean them) you could use the plastic just for Royal or have one or two new pastry bags marked ROYAL so you only use those with royal icing.HTHtara
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