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I have also used the upside down hat as a "basket" for a dozen cookie arrangement.happy st. patricks day!!tara
not sure but my son is crazy for this show as well.could you print out the ben 10 logo backwards and do a FBCT of that?? you could always buy the 4" figures and stick them in along the edges.good luck!tara
If it makes you feel better my DH told me the other day "why don't you make a cookie that taste good". I have been making ALOT of decorated sugar cookies lately and I know he doesn't like sugar cookies but HEY SHUT UP!! you know damn well he'll be more than happy to spend the money I make selling this horrible cookies.I do ask him to look at them 'cause I get excited when the come out looking nice but he is VERY HONEST about either the word isn't centered or there is...
I too use boxes. Especially if you get them on sale you can't beat the price of the box mix vs. the price of all the ingredients AND your time to measure each ingredient.good luck with your first order!tara
no, i was talking about the white lollipop sticks.once the cookie is cooled you wrap the tape aroung the stick (starting near the cookie and working down) then, when you reach the bottom I found if you squeeze the end a little while turning the stick it "seals" the seamhope this helpstara
the floral tape is super easy. just twirl the stick in your hand as the tape wraps around it. you won't break the cookies (now that I've said that...)good luck with it!tara
I've actually found clear "goodie" bags at the dollar store that fit perfectly! I do have to cut them down a little but for a buck how can you beat it!
Thanks everone for all your helpand a BIG THANK YOU to cake princess for her directions!!tara
here you go!
I tried to follow the directions posted here to do a cut out cookie using a picture instead of a cookie cutter. here is my first try and i'm pretty pleased with it. the food marker smeared a littel (how long does that take to dry anyways!!) and some of the guide marks are still visable but they won't be once I eat it!!! thanks for looking and as always thanks for all the help I find here at CC
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