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i'm blushing now-thank you for saying so. i was so nervous about that cake since it was my first tiered cake and I was a guest at the party so if it looked like crap i was right there to look at it the whole time!!! tara
the ones from the 101 piece set are smaller than the 50 piece ABC & 123 set. If you look in my pics for the 40th birthday cake-the 40 is made with the ones from the 50 piece set. I would say 3 inches.hope that helps!tara
I just learned the rose this afternoon and my teacher told us its easier to start with the middle sized petal cutter. she said it would be less bulky that way.good luck!tara
Thanks everyone. I'll just didn't want there to be a specific cake (like a cross for a baptism) and I totally miss the boat.thanks again!tara
HelloJust dropped off an order for a Baby Shower and they mentioned that they would be needing a cake for the Baby Naming Ceremony. I'm wondering if anyone can give me some ideas so that way I can look like I know what they are talking about Would I do a book cake? or just a "regular" baby cake? I've never been to a Baby Naming so could someone educate me?!?! thankstara
well, I dropped off the cookies last night and she whent nuts for them!!!she asked me if I had any extra business cards to give her so she can give them to her friends!! I did show her that the label was on the back and she was happy with that.thanks for all your feedback!! hopefully I'll get some business from this shower!!tara
thanks everyone for your responses.maybe I will put the sticker on after all as its clear and can be "hidden" by the cookie.i just didn't know if that would be the same as putting a handful of my business cards out on a table at a friends diner party (my cousin's husband did that once!)thanks again!tara
it does make sense. maybe i'll just staple my card to the outside of the box and if someone asks her where she got the cookies she could show them the card.thanks for getting back to me so fast.tara
ok, is this ok in da biz??i'm making cookies for a baby shower (not family/friend)can i put a little sticker (return address label sized) with my "company" name and email adress on each cookie (on the back) or is that a bit much?thanks for your advicetara
I got mine at bed bath & beyond. I used my 20% off coupon and they are doing a $30 mail in rebate until the end of march.have fun shopping!tara
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