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I was wondering what your average turn around time is for cookie bouquets? I had a lady call me last night and asked if I could do a bouquet by tonight!! yikes! I have only just started so I had a real hard time saying no but I had to. I do royal icing on my cookies so I would need like 2 days notice minimum. how do the rest of you handle your orders?thanks in advance!tara
I found this container at the Dollar Tree. I really like their inventory better than any other dollar store around
sorry i guess that's why I will never sign up to be a wilton instructor-i'm not good at explaining things
My instructor told us to use the tip as the spacer. put one line down the side of your cakellllthen holding the tip at the top of the cake next to that line mark two slits of icing (that will be the ending point of your horizontal line)l--llthen put a horizontal line of frosting accross the original vertical line and end at the end of the 2nd spacer.__l--lright under that line at the end put a vertical spacer (looks like and upside down L) that will serve as the spacer...
My one tip that I got from someone else is to not try and use those clips that come with the pan-use those black binder clips that you find at staples! those clips they provide had me in tears the first time!good luck!tara
I made the gift cake for course three last tuesday. I left the cake at my parents house (less calories that way ) and when I went over there yesterday (yes, they still had leftover cake to finish!) the pink bow (that I colored myself) had faded to an almost white!! could this be 'cause they had it in a clear plastic container (like from the bakery at a grocery store) and the sun bleached it? anyone have this happen?tara
What I did was make up business cards through Vista Print. They sent me like 200+ cards and you just pay the shipping.good luck!tara
I'm in the middle of course 3 right now. Here is the cake that I did in the 2nd class..
did you use gum tex in the fondant? how long did you let it dry for? i'm thinking that it didn't have enought time to dry. other than that I can't figure that one out?tara
i don't know about decorated cookies but i freeze mine plain. i wrap each one in saran wrap and then place them all into a plastic container. then when I defrost them I keep them in the container until they are thawed completely.i froze cookies for almost 4 weeks and they came out of the freezer fine.hthtara
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