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I am a HUGE fan of the NFSC but a dear friend has a Gluten allergy. is there a way to make these types of cookies gluten free?!?!?thanks in advance!
Great job! I was wondering how you were doing with this cake??!!ps the windows came out great tara
I wanna know the answer too!! I did one this past weekend and i put it on the cake AND then did the icing. it seemed to hide itself better that way but I did have one part the was a bit too high.i'll be watching to see what the answer is....
what about something a little more simple and write your thnak you message on the cake and then write each kid's name on the cake in a star or a heart. I think that the kids would get a kick out of seeing their names on the cake.good luck with it!
An important tip with these (I learned the hard way )Wrap the bottom of the cone in foil before baking or the bottom of the cone will burn way before the cupcake is baked.i was going to make these for my daughter's playgroup next week. glad I'm getting ideas on how to get them there!!!tara
Funny enough-I had an order for one last weekend. I did a FBCT on a 11x15 cake. here it is! I got the image from the disney website.HTHTara
I PM'd youtara
Hi I am sure this is answered somewhere here but couldn't find it.What size cake is a full sheet? 1/2 sheet? 1/4 sheet? and how many servings do those usually serve?thanks in advancetara
not online but someone posted last week that at the dollar tree they found paper crimpers in the scrapbooking section that they felt they could use as a search for dollar tree and it should come uphthtara
thanks everyone.i was just wondering if I was being "lazy" by not jumping at it (since I'm trying to get started here)thanks again!tara
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