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I just ordered from them this morning.  I noticed there was a paypal option on their checkout, but I clicked on it and nothing happened, so I had to use my card.  I will be very upset if it happens again!
Thank you for starting this thread.  I asked the same question to the CC account on twitter and got no response.   We need the ratings back on the recipes to know which ones are worthwhile!  
This happened to me recently also, and the weird part is, someone tried to spend a lot of money at a site that sold really nice aprons.  I think it was called "Flirty Aprons"?  I thought it was such a coincidence because I have a cake decorating business, but my card is in my name, not a business name.  Now this seems really, really suspicious!
Just noticing that it's cheaper than Wilton.  I try not to buy the CK brand because of the nut warning on all their products.
Yes, the one with oil.  
So I tried it last night with three whole eggs, vanilla/butter flavoring, and decreased the sugar by half.  I think it's great.  Much better than the other WASC that people rave over on this site.  It was moist, but not overly so.  I'd like to try it with some other flavors.    I think it tasted less like a cake mix than any other doctored recipe I've tried.  
Cake Mix Doctor's Buttermilk Devil's Food Cake is my favorite.  It's the moistest chocolate cake I've ever eaten.  I have people ask me all the time what I put in it to make it so moist.    1 Devil's Food cake mix (I use Betty Crocker) 3 T unsweetened cocoa powder 1 1/2 cups buttermilk 1/2 cup oil 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla   I bake at 325.   I do 1.5 of this recipe for two 8 inch pans or one 9x13 sheet pan.
I'm gluten free.  You can pretty much sub a good gluten free flour for regular flour in any good recipe, have to add xanthan gum if you want it to rise.  Once you buy a bottle, it will have instructions on the side for how much you need to add depending on what you are making.  Gluten free things just don't rise as well as wheat based no matter what you do.    If you buy a AP gluten free mix, it may already come with some type of gum that will make it...
I was just looking at that recipe earlier and I was overwhelmed with the substitutions and info in the comments!    I want to try it, but I'm a little discouraged because I tried a very popular WASC cake recipe on this site once, and I didn't think the flavor was great.  My normal butter cake recipe is from the Cake Mix Doctor, and I think I have gotten used to the butter flavor.    Curious if any of you guys are decreasing the sugar? I saw a lot of comments on...
Thanks guys.  I think I will go with four, since she doesn't need a whole lot of cake, and I can use my SPS stuff to stack it.  I'll just double the servings for two 6" (2 layers). 
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