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I think I'm gonna do a dry run with an all shortening recipe and add extra butter flavor. Hopefully I can find a cheap store brand that still adds trans fat around here. Our local cake decorating store doesn't carry any kind of shortening and I don't think I have time to order online.
What is dream whip? Has anybody tasted this high humidity icing before? I would be interested in your comments.Thanks for the help!Oh yeah where do you buy hi ratio shortening?
My neighbor's daughter is having an outside wedding and had asked me to do a cake that looks like her daughter's dog for that day. It was going to be for the bride and bridesmaid's lunch, but now she has decided to take it to the wedding. It has been between 85-90 degrees here and we have lots of humidity (I am in the south.) I use 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening in my reicpe and I was wondering what I could do to help it hold up in the heat? I really don't want to...
Thanks guys...I think it looks like ganache too. I wasn't sure if there was such a thing as pourable chocolate fondant. I couldn't find a recipe on this site for it.
Ok here's a pic of the mystery cake. The bakery labels it as chocolate fondant, but doesn't it look like ganache? I've never used ganache. Is it warm when you pour it? Would it melt the buttercream off of a cake?
My friend is trying to copy a cake by a bakery. It is described as having chocolate fondant on it by the bakery. The chocolate looks as though it has been poured on the top and dribbles down the sides. Can this be fondant?
I've never carved a cake before so I hope I can do it!
If I need to make an Ipod Nano cake out of an 11x15 sheet cake how would I round the edges off? I have never done this before! Most of the Ipod cakes I looked at seemed to have rounded edges, but most of them were fondant also. Is the fondant making them seem rounded? My cake has to be buttercream icing. Any suggestions?
You are right, only someone with no life would log onto a site just to make rude comments. I guess I should feel sorry for her that she is that desperate for attention! Well I liked the cake and so did the birthday girl, and that's all that matters! I'm officially over it!
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