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Absolutely!  I think I'll call next time just so I can tell them the real price of the cake.
Hilarious.  I love it when people send me pics of Pink Cake Box cakes and then want me to do it for $50.  I so feel your pain.  
I've been buying Old Gold Luster dust for years and using it without problem.  I just used it on the edges of 20 cookies, and I notice that now it has a sticker that says (for decoration purposes only), does say non toxic on the label.  This is new!  Did they pass a law or something?  Can anyone comfort me that this is ok???  I've heard before all these dusts are used in England without a problem.    Is another case of silver dragees...something people ate for years...
Well, I started baking a new one before I saw the idea about scooping the cake out. Ugh.   I've never used those doll pick. Everyone always wants a Barbie.  I wish the doll pics looked better and then people would be more open to using them.  
I've made tons of doll cakes, but I've never had the wondermold cake portion crack after I put the Barbie in!  Would you fill this with icing, or just bake a new one?  I have no idea why it happened.  :(  I'll be making the skirt with fondant.
I have a set of Fat Daddio's and to me, they aren't as thick as the Magic Line pans.  My Magic Line's never dent and the Fat Daddio's do.    I also think the outside of the cake gets cooked quicker in the Fat Daddio's.  Probably because they aren't as thick.  
Someone sent me this picture, wanting me to make the cake. Uhhh...this might be a little over my head.  I have no idea how they made this can.  Any ideas? I assume it's fondant, but it looks so much sturdier than fondant.     Pic is the one on the far right, sorry I didn't realize it was a banner.
I think Magic Line are the best!  
Anybody else having problems getting it to come up today?
I have been ordering from GSA and Country Kitchen Sweetart for several years.  I was frustrated with GSA for the way they handled customers' credit card information being stolen, so this past time I ordered from CKSA.  Placed the order online Sunday and called this afternoon because I hadn't received an email confirmation that it was shipped. My order was still sitting there.  No one bothered to call and tell me they were out of one of the items I ordered.  I don't...
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