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  I'm curious with the sour cream if that frosting requires refrigeration?  
I could not sell someone a cake that has been sitting out for four days.  That is just my own personal preference.   The rule of thumb I've read before is, a baked and iced cake is at it's best for first three days unrefrigerated, or with refrigeration for one week.  
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Leah!   I have had have the worst time lately with air bubbles popping up in my buttercream. I've begun to cringe every morning when I go look at the cake I finished the night before. I came on here yesterday to ask if anyone knew how to prevent them and happened upon this thread.  Just to cover all my bases, I broke the seal of icing at the bottom and poked a hole in both tiers with a skewer.  Looks great this morning!      I...
All these threads about serving sizes make my head spin.  I rarely do wedding cakes, and this is partly the reason.  I feel bad charging a bride the same price for a wedding size piece of cake, as I do for a party size piece for a birthday customer.     Anybody else have this issue??  I can't in good conscience, use the Wilton wedding cake chart for birthday cake portions.  Maybe if they were cutting pieces for small children, but adults definitely expect a bigger...
I explained to her that that much almond might be overwhelming to some of her guests.  She doesn't care, so I'm doing it anyway. I'll just not put much in the icing.   It's funny because I'm in the South too, and I've never had this request before.   Also, the Pink Cake Box cake has been scaled waaaaaaay down.  I'm no fool .  
Someone already messaged me.  Thanks!  
Someone was supposed to do this for me, but she had to cancel.   I'm near Nashville and it's a Cinderella image, so I can't take the picture to the store and get it done.    Anyone willing to ship one tomorrow if I pay extra shipping?  Thanks.
This thread is hilarious.  I have to say ditto to the tuck n ruffle, basketweave, plastic stairs and fountains.    I also have to say ditto to IndyDeb that we will look back and laugh at the topsy turvy cakes.    I'm totally over the zebra stripe/hot pink combination too.  I cringe now when people ask for it...especially for baby showers!
Just curious if you guys have an opinion on how far you will go to please customers.  This is a minor example, but it got me thinking of other times when customers wanted me to do flavor or color combinations I thought were gross.     This lady, who has never gotten a cake from me has asked me to do almond flavored cake with almond flavored buttercream.  I've always made my buttercream the same way with vanilla and butter flavoring.  Maybe it will taste good, I don't...
Didn't work for me   Mine has been in the frig for 24 hours, and it's still a pourable mess.  
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