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This thread is hilarious.  I have to say ditto to the tuck n ruffle, basketweave, plastic stairs and fountains.    I also have to say ditto to IndyDeb that we will look back and laugh at the topsy turvy cakes.    I'm totally over the zebra stripe/hot pink combination too.  I cringe now when people ask for it...especially for baby showers!
Just curious if you guys have an opinion on how far you will go to please customers.  This is a minor example, but it got me thinking of other times when customers wanted me to do flavor or color combinations I thought were gross.     This lady, who has never gotten a cake from me has asked me to do almond flavored cake with almond flavored buttercream.  I've always made my buttercream the same way with vanilla and butter flavoring.  Maybe it will taste good, I don't...
Didn't work for me   Mine has been in the frig for 24 hours, and it's still a pourable mess.  
Ok, I'm attempting this.    Bought some heavy whipping cream, which does not list the amount of fat, so I'm hoping it's the right thing.  Also bought Baker's semi-sweet baking chocolate squares.  I was hoping to use this today as a filling.  Right now it's all melted and stirred.  If I put it in the frig, how long before I can use it?   Also, when people say "whip" it.  Do you put it in your kitchenaid, or do you mean just by hand?  
I've done it both ways.  I add a pinch of popcorn salt too.  Tastes fantastic!
I do use butter in the Hershey's recipe.    So what's the best ganache recipe, or are they all pretty similar?
I'm looking to try new recipes for Chocolate icing that can be spread and smoothed on a cake.  I don't like the taste of chocolate buttercream.  I think the shortening "waters" down the flavor of the chocolate.  I normally used the recipe off the back of the Hershey's cocoa powder can and it tastes great.  I was just wondering if there was anything else out there I should be trying?   I've never tried ganache.  Can it be whipped up into spreading consistency and...
What kind of chocolate do you use?  Semi sweet?
If you really want to make a quality GF cake, you have to invest in several different flours and xanthan gum.  Some of the all purpose GF flours out there will not rise well and have bean flour in them, which will give a bean taste.      If you want the flour mixture and recipe I use, just PM me.  I bake GF for myself and several of my customers and they love the cake.  
Are we ever getting the recipe ratings back?  There are so many, it's hard to find the great stuff, when there is no rating system. 
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