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I got an email back from the Dahle representative. She says the self healing mat can't be considered food safe because it's made from PVC.  I wonder if the company selling it knows that??    "Since the mats are made from recycled PVC, we cannot okay for food.   Thank you"   Janice Fiandaca Sales Support Representative Dahle North America, Inc.  d: 603.925.3012 tf: 800.995.1379 x: 3012 f: 603.925.3013 w:
I can't find any information about it being food safe.    What is your mat made of?
Is this what you're describing?**********-knife-scriber-tool-p-17240.html
I've been using the plastic (?) Wilton mat for rolling fondant, but I keep cutting into it with my xacto knife.  I feel like I'm buying a new one every couple of months.  What do you guys use for those things?  Is there a mat I can't cut into with a xacto knife?? 
  Yes, I do.  I'll check for smaller ones next time I get stuff there.  Thanks Leah!     I tried with the pan and beans this weekend.  Even left a 1/2" space on the edge when I filled the center with buttercream.  Still had a slight buldge.  I guess I will have to make my buttercream thicker, especially in this hot weather.    You have solved the air bubble problem for me, though!  Eternal gratitude!! (found that in another thread)
  I think carving is totally different from shoving a doll into it though. You're not really exerting as much pressure.   I've done tons of Barbie cakes, and it's never happened until I trimmed the outer edge.
  Actually, it does give structural support.  The reason I know this is, I once tried to trim some of the dark brown section off a wonder mold cake. (They take forever to bake) When I inserted the Barbie, it formed cracks on both sides and I had to re-bake it.    That's the only time my cake has ever cracked open, so in this case the outer layer does provide support.
I want to try this, but all I can find so far are 12" tiles.  I was trying to replicate it for an 8" and 6" cake, with pans and dried beans.  I did the same ratio of weight as a 12" tile would be for a 12" cake, which made me wonder....are all 12" tiles relatively the same weight?  Mine was about 3.25 lbs.    Has anybody weighed their tile??
I don't refrigerate strawberry cakes.  Why would you if the fruit is cooked while it's baked?  
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