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I have to make these blocks for a shower on Sunday.  I'm making 6 (5") cakes, covered in buttercream with fondant only for decorations.    I'm just stressing a little on fitting them onto a board and being able to decorate all sides of the blocks.  It's hard to say from the picture she gave me if they are decorated on all sides.    Do you think it's a cop out if I don't put decorations on the sides that are in-between and can't be seen?   I've never done...
  I did put tylose in the, but I don't think I let them sit long enough.  I'll try it next time, thanks!     Going to check out this wax paper method...I can't wrap my head around it, lol.
I hate chevron stripes!    I've done them three times now.  I even bought a chevron cutter from etsy and I still hate doing them.  I think my biggest issue is the fondant losing the chevron shape when I pick it up and move it to the cake. Anyone have great tricks for this?
  The texture was nice, but I'm not on board with the change in flavor.  Did you have to adjust your flavorings?  When I first tasted it, I thought I had forgotten to put them in, but I did.  Just had a stronger shortening taste.
Ugh.  Well, I made the batch without seeing the reply about it looking melted.  The texture was nice.  I didn't quite like the flavor as much as my normal icing.  There was definitely more of a shortening taste, and less of a butter taste. I don't know if I should try another brand or what.   I'm going to call the place where I bought it this morning to find out if it's melted, and if it's harmful.  I only used it as a crumb coat last night.
Ok, soft and fluffy describes this.  Much different than what I buy at the store, so I was a little shocked!  I'll go ahead and try it. Thanks so much for the answers!!!
Is this normal looking for the CK brand HRS?
It got delivered through UPS.  Is it ruined if it gets hot?   The shortening I buy at the store is solid compared to this.  I think it's CK brand.  
I just opened up my first container of hi ratio shortening, and it's not at all what I expected.  It's a creamy consistency, and I'm used to the more solid generic shortening I buy at the store.  Is this normal????    Do you have to add more sugar with HRS?
I rarely do wedding cakes because they stress me out so much.   I agreed to do one for my mother's best friend's daughter and got a call today, (3 days before wedding) saying they don't need the cake.  I guess they've had an argument and cancelled the whole thing.  This was a three tiered cake to feed 150. I'm going to give her the money back because she's a close friend of the family, but it made me realize I need to come up with some kind of policy on this. Anybody...
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