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But there is the extra time it takes to bake all those layers individually.  I don't have 6 (8") pans!
So far I've dodged the bullet on these, but I'm curious how everyone is charging for these rainbow layer cakes? I can imagine the time it takes, especially if you don't have pans/space to bake 6 layers at a time.   I usually charge by the serving, but I don't even know how many servings would be in an 8" round, for example.    Any help appreciated!
It's the steady2hands recipe on this site, lol.
Got an email last night from someone I made a cake for earlier in the year.  She says her mom was wanting my strawberry cake recipe. Is is weird I don't want to give it to her?    Anybody else dealt with this? I don't know what to say!
When you say quarter sheet, what size do you mean?  Sorry, I know there are different measurements for those terms.  If you mean 9x13, my chart said a 2 layer 9x13 would be 45 servings, and I was scared there would be less than 40 after I carved it.
I have one to make today for 40 people.  I think I'll use two 11x15's. Looks great though!!!!!
   That would piss me off too!  Do you remember how many this fed?
By my calculations, she'll have 36 servings of cake.  She's having other desserts and she didn't think all 40 people would show up, so this is the size we agreed on.   She doesn't like fondant covered cake which is fine by me because I hate covering cakes with it.  I asked about separate cakeboards but she wants them all on one.   I'm just going to put separate boards under each and then someone stick them on the board.
Well, there's 40 people coming so they won't each be getting a square, ha.   I was thinking I would put each on an individual board.  More work for me, but I think it will help me in the end. 
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