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 You can order them from people on Etsy
Also to add-  I had a pop up message while I was trying to buy some Magic Line butter flavoring on their site.  I asked the same person about it and she said that they were phasing out some of the different sizes of Magic Line.  I hope this isn't headed in the same direction as the food coloring. Then I will really have to stop ordering there.  Can't live without my Magic Line!
  Thanks for that info.  Luckily I don't have to buy food coloring that often, but when I do I'll have to order from somewhere different. I'm not opposed to them wanting to sell their line, but to get rid of another brand in hopes of forcing you to buy theirs is not sitting well with me.
I think I'm overdue for some research on online cake supplies.  I see it in my near future!
I actually wasn't talking about your post when I said it was "underhanded".  I guess we were posting at the same time.     There's a chance he is repackaging Americolor, but when I spoke to the customer service girl today, she said they were getting rid of Americolor and replacing it with the owner's line.  I was clearly not happy (I wasn't rude) and she never once said, don't worry it's the same exact food coloring. 
I understand wanting to sell your own product, but this seems a bit underhanded.  Get rid of the other brands so people are forced to buy your own?  It's frustrating because I love buying from them. Guess I'll look around to see who else sells Americolor now.  :(
I tried to buy some Americolor gel coloring at GSA and I was told they are phasing it out so the owner can sell his own line.  Anybody tried it?  I am completely happy with Americolor, especially when making non bitter red and and black, and not sure I want to jump into a new line.   ??
Thanks so much, Julia.  I found that recipe on FB last night and I'm going to give it a try. :)
I'm making a pancake cake, and it needs to have "maple syrup" coming down the sides.  Can the piping gel be subbed with corn syrup? I've seen different recipes that involve cooking it with gelatin, but if I'm being honest, I really don't want to go to all that trouble for a couple tablespoons of syrup.   Would you use maple syrup instead?  Or mix it with cornsyrup?
Someone has asked me to make this cake.    Gerbil balls so far have holes and indentations.  Gumball globe is much bigger.  Anyone have a clue where I could find a clear dome like that?
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