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Do not use whipped icing if you are using fondant at all!!!! It will basically dissolve the fondant emblem. If you want to use fondant, stick with buttercream.
I just tried the one on this list this weekend, and it's delish! It's by MacsMom : Scroll down alphabetically to peanut butter.
Yes, it will work just fine.
You definitely need to do a full batch or you'll always get a ton of bubbles. For a 4-1/2 quart mixer:4-1/2 cups shortening4 pounds powdered sugar12 T HOT liquid4T flavoringFor a 5 quart mixer-5-1/2 cups shortening5 pounds powdered sugar12-14T HOT liquid5 T flavoringand the 6 quart mixer is as arosstx said. Good luck, once you get the right texture, you'll never want to use any other recipe.
I would wait until at least tomorrow, and stabilize your whipped cream with gelatin. You let the gelatin bloom (I believe it's 1/2 tsp in a couple Tbs. water, but not sure) then hold over burner until dissolved, cool to no more than body temp and pour through strainer into your cream when it's at soft peaks and whip until stiff peaks. Also, put a layer of cream, then strawberries(do not add sugar to them or they will weep too much), then another layer of cream to seal the...
Fresh whipped cream really needs to be refrigerated for the majority of the time. Also... DO NOT ice your cake with whipped cream if you are using fondant! It will make your fondant turn to mush! Buttercream only under fondant. HTH!
Thanks... That's what I was thinking, but like I said, my brain is mush today, so I wanted to be sure!
Oops, sorry.... they're iced in Sugarshack's Buttercream. White icing with red sanding sugar and heart quins. Still refrigerate? They'll stay a little fresher that way, right?
I am doing my son's class party on Friday @ 1:30p.... I won't be home all day tomorrow and I work Friday am, so I had to bake/ice tonight (I usually do this no earlier than the night before). I lightly sprinkled them with red sanding sugar. My question is, for them to stay fresh, should I refrigerate or leave at room temp? I'm afraid if I refrigerate, the red will bleed, but I thought of that immediately AFTER I sanded them with sugar, but @ room temp for 2 days, I'm...
Oops! Duplicate!
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