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Hello!If you want to attach some chocolate items to fondant you can try royal icing or Chocolate Spray..If I am misunderstanding you question.. sorry!!There is a Chocolate Freeze Spray, you spray it on the melted chocolate to harden/freeze the chocolate into position!I hope this helps!Other chocolate freeze topics on Cake Central..
Thank you for everyones advice! I came up with a price of just over $1000; including the 3 tier cake. I used my Cake Boss program; which I love!!! So it calculated each 3"individual cake for just under $13each. I sent the client my quotes, and he replied and said my quotes where more then his other sources! So his loss, not mine.. I would love the business but not the stress!! So good luck to "the other source" for quoting probably less then $13 each!!!Thanks again for...
I understand! Thanks again!!
Thanks for everyones replies!! I do agree, that the mini cakes will be alot more time and more $$ on there part! Debi to answer your questions: 3X3 cakes I believe are per person, which I thought was ALOT per person. I actually had to draw a 3x3 square on paper to actaully picture the size!! WOW! I also noticed, you have an 80% added to your calculations... is this your profit?? Thanks for your help!
Hello Everyone,I was wondering what you would charge for 65- 3"x3" cakes?? My clients are also looking to have a faux 3 tier cake too! Also, has anyone worked with edible diamonds? Any tips or ideas? I searched for suppliers and I find they are very expensive! Thanks for your help!
I like to use both Wilton Fondant and Satin Ice.My husband absolutely loves the taste of the Ivory (Satin Ice) because it tastes like white chocolate.Although I have to use Wilton because I teach Wilton Cake decorating... You can change the taste by adding in clear flavourings... All you have to do is simply add the flavourings a little more carefully then colouring fondant but... the same way!Just a thought! Everyone has there own way of decorating and there our tips of...
I would personally not guarantee anything being nut free or ___ free. Unless you absolutely know your kitchen and everything you use and touch is free of that ingredient or product!Good luck to all..
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