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parchment paper work for me.
no esta mal el precio. yo diria que muy poquito para tanto bizcocho.
It is nerve wracking to deliver a cake.... i always put my cake in the trunk of my car an no problem. i put a beach towel under the cake an it doesn't move at all.
I spray the whole pan with the Baking Spray, then I layer the bottom with the parchment problem what so ever.bake it wait 10 mins right out.
muchas gracias estan buenisimo
wow.. that sound good . i will be look for your post.
oh wow... i feel better,i thought i was the only one with the crying. never again will i make another cake.. i actually stop making cake i was getting panic attack bad. if something did not come out how i want it ... this feel very good now i know i'm not the only one thank u cc for letting me know there are other people out there with the same feeling.
sorry that i don't know have to try it one of this days
what i did once was a got a blank stencil sheet,got a hot glue gum trace the patern let it try. go over again and it work for me ......but i don't know if is save to do that on food i did it on my own cake for me to try it... check for food safety first.
i have done it in both,an it came out advise do it head of time......
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