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I have to agree with the chocolate chip cookies and apple pie, although i think of red velvet cake as more of a southern thing, its certainly not popular here. For cake possibly a basic yellow or vanilla or chocolate, or how about confetti! If you're open at breakfast, how about glazed or powdered donuts.
I just wanted to thank everybody for their advice. I think I just needed to vent a little. I ended up making a buttercream cake with RI snowflakes. Everyone loved it and no grumbling about fondant. But next (nonbirthday) cake all bets are off
This weekend we are hosting a small birthday celebration for my DH's brother, mom, and dad who all have birthdays within 2 days of each other and his grandparents. As usual I planned to make the birthday cake and was trying to decide between a couple different designs, when DH said that his dad had told him he would rather me not do a fondant cake. I said "What! why, that's what I had been planning on doing." I don't think the fondant is worth the calories so I...
My husband helps out lots of little ways. He took my first Wilton class with me when I first became interested. He runs out to the store for me when i need something. He helps make MMF and colors the fondant. He steers clear of the kitchen when he sees me getting frustrated and puts up with me when I ask his opinion about something and then do the opposite. If I'm really lucky, and its late and I'm tired, he'll do the dishes after I'm all done.
When I made hamburger cupcakes, I added coffee creamer, I'm pretty sure it was vanilla caramel flavor. They tasted pretty good. I think you can also use buttercream. I'm making a hamburger cake for DH's birthday tonight and I'm planning on using chocolate buttercream to make a giant hamburger shaped cake ball. I'm hoping that works and tastes ok. As for the cupcakes, I did not use cupcake wrappers, I just sprayed the tins with cooking spray. I just eyeballed how high...
I'm on CC so much that DH calls it "crack central". He says, Are you looking at your cake crack AGAIN??I eat way too much buttercream. I keep hoping that as I do more cakes I will get sick of it but it doesn't seem to work that way.I think I'm the most unartistic person I know. I love getting compliments on my work but then I feel guilty because I think about how I got my ideas from CC and that anyone could do just as good a job. Like I brought some NFSC/royal icing...
The problem with the fonts is that you are assigning a fixed text size as can be seen in the following code from your site.
Simply Sweet
I got a heavy duty plus KA!!!!! I also got a glass cake stand, and a silicone oven glove and spatula and new kitchen towels.
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