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After running the cake shop with my business partner for 4 years, I left this past September 1st. I backed out of the business taking a full set of tools and moved back to the studio kitchen in my home. I haven't been this happy in a long time. I dont miss the stress, working weekends, standing for hours, driving around on personal time picking up supplies or working for months on end without a paycheque because the shop isnt doing well. Now I do cakes only when I...
In my business (small teaching studio and cake shop) we sell the 6" cakes in whatever flavour they wish to try (choice of fillings, buttercream and/or fondant) for $20.00. Many people ask about tastings this year...but we can't afford to turn the oven on to make free cakes. It has not been an issue at all. Some brides use the cakes at a dinner party with their wedding party to critique!
White sugar mixed with Cinnamon. Yum.
Well, it's a mess for sure. But I think the venue and the MOB have some explaining to do.As for the negative impact on your biz...remember the rest of the work you did that day...all well done and on time. The results remain to be seen and yes...let us know how it all comes out!
Well, that's exactly what I did. My main comment would be that once you start the biz it's not just about cake decorating anymore. There is SOOO much more involved.Setting up the work space to conform to the law. Ordering and securing supplies. FINDING suppliers. Find space for everything. Answering phone calls and emails re: cake orders. Set up the biz bank account. Get a lawyer. Get and pay for insurance. Keep the space REALLY clean. Need enough fridge space -...
Can Hi-Ratio Shortening be substituted in a pie crust recipe for Crisco? Do I use the same amount?
There is sooo much more to it than just decorating the cakes...the others are right. You will work harder than you ever thought you could. The stress at times is huge. And you will miss your kids and husband because you will be so busy getting it all done.The shop has been open for about two months and things are starting to smooth out a bit. Looking forward to someday making a profit - for now pride, excitement at having accomplished it (after years of dreaming about...
CHARGE!!!! Go girl. All the best to you.
I did it just the same as any other cake.Rolled the fondant in a rectangle shape, making sure i had the full measurement of the cross width and length then draped it, working down the sides then cut. It was actually quite simple. Pic in my photos.
Cut with garden shears (purchased only for cakes) and sand smooth with sandpaper.
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