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Buttercream will get blurry edges as the fat will start to soak into the fondant. Use royal if you want crisp piping. Scroll takes a lot of practice, if you aren't experienced in doing it then I suggest you use a pattern.
Just add Tylose. The amount will vary based on the humidity in your area. Start sprinkling and kneading and when it no longer feels sticky and is somewhat elastic you're good to go! It's best to add the Tylose the day before you intend to use the gum paste...just "re-activate" with a bit of shortening as you use each piece.
This needs to be posted on the bride forums under the topic "you get what you pay for".
Unfortunately it was this very thing that caused me to stop posting pics on CC. I was just feeling too guilty that I couldn't help out with every request!
Cut the bag and you won't have to fight with the darn tips! I use parchment bags, cut a V (start small, you can always cut it larger) then in the point of the V cut a little straight line which will give you the vein. It's a good technique to have in your bag of tricks
Remember that those two single layers are supporting the cake above them
I would dowel them. My philosophy is that if you have to wonder if you should dowel then you should It will never hurt.
I agree with contract states that I will place the flowers on the cake nobody else. Nobody else will care about the safety of the cake like you will.
I use double sided tape at the connecting point.
Your contract is between you and your customer - not the coordinator or the florist. I tell the coordinator when I will deliver the cake based upon my contract and what's best for the cake. It's your reputation on the line if something goes wrong even if you've had waivers signed off by anyone and everyone. They'll just remember that the cake wasn't good, or was melting or etc., etc... and you provided it.
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