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Oh gosh, I have a similar proplem, my son is getting married in Sept. and ASSUMED I would make his wedding cake. I have made some decent birthday cakes for family in the past (2-3 stacked layer) and I can work with fondant and buttercream. I said I didn't think it would be a good idea because I didn't need the stress and my cakes are not that great. Well, he thinks my cakes are great (thanks) Now he is hurt, however the bride has said nothing. I want them to have a...
I need some suggestions for a cake. My son just got engaged and I would like to make an engagement party for 12-15 guests. Now not too time consuming or complicated! I have worked with fondant and RI so I do have some self-taught experience. I would like to stick to the theme of an engagement. Any ideas would be appricated
Thanks Gals, I'll try your suggestions re: veg. shortening, it's always fun to try new toys! Now I know what to call the "thing".....An extruder!
Ok, so I don't what it is called or how it is used, but I know someone does. I was told it can make a string borders around cake bottoms. It looks like a syringe with several small discs. I tried putting fondant in it and squeezing, but it was too hard for it to come out. So any help would be appreciated.
I am glad you found your book, now I need help. Southern Living magazine had a receipe for a pecan cheesecake that had a Mrs. Smith's pecan pie baked in a cheesecake. It was decorated with pastry leaves "painted" in autumn colors. I thought I put the issue in a "safe place" but I guess not. I tried to e-mail Southern Living, but can't getto them. So can anyone help?
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