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So its OFFICIAL REALLY ? God Bless you all that worked on this, and a BIG BIG Thank you to Barbara God Bless you !
Ahhhh the waiting game is not good please governor sign it we need this And Thank You Barbara you are AWESOME, God Bless you !
Hi Tia I own that one I got it at Michaels, with the 40% off coupon, starting cost was $21 I ended up paying $13.99 for it. I LOVE it it is really easy to use and makes beautiful borders Hope that helps!
I posted the pics please check them out on my page
I can't post the pic the attachment wont' work
Jason Aldean Cake
Yes I ended making his cake, I had a thread here debating on making his cake because of payment issues and after leaving a message that I wasn't going to be able to do it, I got a call and surprisingly they had cash for me. Not only that they order another cake for tomorrow
I did contacted them, they told me it was the finance department the ones that they had to deal with ...... and I sent the link with the article but NO answer.... its ok I believe its just NOT for me Ohh and they did fix all the typos, I got the one in the newspaper today and its all corrected
I totally agree also, very Professional and to the point would you mind if I keep this and maybe use it thank you ladies you are all Awesome
Misprints and "new info" are common for newspapers, so i wouldn't worry. You WERE asked to do the commission on the singer's cake. And you WERE working on a design. The fact that "it never happened" or "parties could not reach an agreement on price" is new info available AFTER the publication of the article. Good article for you![/quote]Thank you for your input, I do feel much better...... I was really worried and some of my customers send me messages about trying to get...
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