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Does anyone know where I can find some brush embroidery patterns? I need to do a 3 tier wedding cake and need some ideas for florals and scrolls.Thanks in advance,Angie B in NC
I need help with this one. My daughter is making a 3D model of the solar system using cake, rice krispies and chocolate. No Styrofoam models for her, she wants to be like mommy and make them out of cake ;o)The planets will be rice krispies covered in Wilton white candy melts. She wants to paint the planets. Can we use regular powder food coloring or petal dust? Or does it need to be a special kind because of the "chocolate"?Of course, she tells me all of this today and it...
I am just getting started with my home based business and am wanting to purchase an edible ink printer. I realize I need to buy the "ink" separate from the printer. My question is what is the least expensive option I can go with that will be a good starter printer? Suggested model numbers GREATLY appreciated. I need to take into account the cost of the printer AND the replacement costs of the "inks". I don't need an all in one...just a printer. My other printer can scan,...
MMF is pretty sticky. You are better off using gumpaste or a drier fondant.Hugs,Angie B in NC
If you are having problems with your fondant/gumpaste you can always take Linda's class on June 10 and 11 in Rocky Mount, NC. I am personally taking the class and can't wait. I hope to see many more of you there too.Hugs,Angie B in NC
I know that Linda McClure's class in Rocky Mount, NC is $400.00 for both days (June 10 and 11th). She supplies EVERYTHING you need. Computers, software, several different brands of cutting machines, edible image printers, gumpaste, catered lunch and so much more.To me, $400.00 for 16 hrs of instruction is a steal! When you do the math it is only $25/hr. I know I could never supply everything to my students (I teach Wilton) and still only make $25/hr. Her class is a bargain...
The certification is to become a certified TEACHER of Linda McClure's techniques. Think of Linda as the Donna Dewberry of cake decorating ;o) Hugs,Angie B in NC
Linda and Jeff will be in Rocky Mount, NC June 10 and 11th. They will be teaching the 2 day certification class at that time. If you are interested in the 4 hour beginner class, I will be able to teach it at a later date because I will be getting certified to teach her techniques in June. Let me know if I can be of assistance to you.hugs,Angie B in NC
MTC allows you to do all that. Here is a cake I did using MTC, my Cricut and some Browning Deerhead, rifle clipart I found doing a Google search. It worked BEAUTIFULLY! I highly recommend MTC over all the other programs out there (I have tried them all and MTC is my fav - now if only someone would pay me for my opinion, Tee hee).Hugs,Angie B in NC
I would highly recommend MTC. I have three of the programs and it is my favorite. It can do the most things for the least amount of money.Hugs,Angie B in NC
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