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How do I make 3D fondant baby blocks?
Please send me the directions. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for your help...I will post picture after much prayer!!!
Customer saw the horse cake that I did on last weekend and decided that I had to do her daughter's 1st B-Day cake. I agreed and asked what is the theme? She said my little one loves to watch Mickey Mouse Club House and that's what kind of cake we want. Thats when I knew I was in big trouble...because I don't even know what that is and I can't find a clear picture of it.
I'm from West Memphis, Arkansas...just 10 minutes from Memphis,TN.Kimberly
Need help...It's our 1st Ladies Fellowship Banquet at church on Saturday, April 8th. The color scheme is red and white and I will need enough cake for at least 65-75 people. Any ideas and/or pictures would be deeply appreciated. Thanking you in advace.
I would like to make a cake that looks like a Miller High Life Beer Can for my Dad's birthday party. The party is at the end of March. I need some ideas and pictures if anyone has any.
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