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Earlier in the thread I talked about double extracting your beans. Don't bother. It's not as good as the first go round and you will be disappointed. Just stuff your spent beans and seeds into some sugar. Mix it up really well and you will have delicious vanilla sugar that you can use in your baked goods or drinks. It's really super yummy! I hope everyone who made their own vanilla extract was happy with the results. It truly is a wonderful experience!
From what I have ready about vanilla beans they will last a very long time if they are kept sealed. I think your vanilla extract could last many, many years. No need to worry about making too much. Or you can give it as gifts which I have started doing. Everyone loves my vanilla extract!
I think it is probably just a personal preference thing. I purchased the twist top caps because that seemed the easiest to use to me.
At this point I intend to compete in this show. We love Austin so my husband and I are thinking about making mini-vacation out of it too. I am already working on my tasting competition cake. My coworkers will eat anything so I have no qualms about trying out new recipes. I have a great design in my head I would like to try but it uses a brand that is trademarked so I am worried about that. I would use cake dummies because they feel safer to me. If I decide to compete in...
I googled "martha stewart red velvet recipe" and got several options from her site. Which cake did you make? Can you post a link?
Thanks for taste testing those recipes for us. I will have to grab that Martha Stewart recipe and see how I like it.
I've never done this but I would suggest Gorilla Glue. Does it HAVE to be glued or can it just be stacked?? It might save you some heartache if it can be stacked without glue.
Very cool products, but definitely not a toy for the hobbyist. Thanks for sharing!
I usually use the decorators cream cheese frosting because you can pipe with it too. As far as refridgeration, if it fits in the fridge put it in there. If it doesn't, don't worry too much about it.
1. I would try a little ivory and adjust as necessary. I've never made a champagne color so maybe someone else will have some insight.2. Make sure your berries are super dry before you dip them. Water and chocolate don't mix. Also wait until the last minute to do the dipping because the dipped strawberries will go bad fast. I use Sarah Bernhardt Chocolate Glaze for dipping my berries. Best of luck for your upcoming cake!
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