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I need to do a cake similar to this  and I am not sure how to get the lace look. I am assuming it is a mold of some kind but it look cut out.  Does anyone know where I can order something like this? Thanks for the help.
Thanks so much everyone! I keep telling myself I am going to take some "spare time" and work on flowers but I never seem to have any of that!
Hi everyone,    I am doing a wedding cake and I must confess I stink at fondant flowers! I can make anything else but flowers are just not my thing. Up until now most of my brides haven't wanted flowers or have done fresh ones. My bride wants a beautiful spray of roses and I know if I spent hours I could do it but I just hate doing them. I thought I could maybe buy one similar to the picture but am not sure where. Does anyone know of a good place to order them?
Thanks everyone. I actually had never heard of them either until I had to figure out how the cake in her picture was decorated. They are super easy and look great but are a killer on the hand!
One other thing that might be a factor for photographers is that there product lasts forever. Not trying to diminish the importance of cake! If I did I would be out of work!! I'm just saying that a cake while very important to a celebration, it gets eaten and is gone. You have the pictures to look back on forever. I had a bride basically tell me this once. Of course to all of us the cake is the most important thing!!!
Oops, it might help if I attach the pic 
I don't have that kind of pans. I know some of my problems are the pans. I just prefer doing round cakes. I think most of my frustration was in doing the sotas. The are super easy and like leah_s said hide so much but my hands are killing me! Here is the finished cake. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Don't like the picture but the lighting at the hall was terrible.
Can I just say, I.HATE.SQUARE.CAKES! I never want to do one again! The corners are the biggest pain. I am doing a 4 tier square wedding cake right now and getting all the lines straight is driving me nuts. Cakes should be round. Plus, this "simple" cake is covered completely with sotas. I have gotten the biggest tier done and out of the way but my hand is killing me. I thinned my icing down and it still is making my hand cramp. Sorry I just had to vent to someone!
Hi Debbie, Does the mg5420 have the removable printhead?
That's exactly what I am running into. I would rather spend no more than 200 but I know you get what you pay for so I don't know if they will be as good.
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