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Hello,I am making a yellow cake but was wondering if anyone had one that was doctored up a little. Please help. Thank you!Marina
Alright, here it is. Ugh. I definitely should have done a practice cake beforehand.I iced it in white buttercream (should have probably made it grey first), then painted it with a lemon extract/silver luster dust combo. It didn't make it look silver, just gritty. So I added a touch of black (thinking black & white make grey), doesn't! It was a chocolate chip cake (3 layers - each torted w/ bc). It did taste very good, EXCEPT for the lemon taste from...
I did try dry brushing it with the little bit of dust I had left, but since the cake was still moist from the lemon extract it seemed to get absorbed in. AAAGH! Too late to not panic.... I will post a pic of it later today. *SIGH*
I am trying to make a "keg" cake. I iced it in white bc, then painted it with silver luster dust mixed with some lemon extract. It didn't look silver, just gritty. Then I added a touch of black to the dust/lemon combo and painted that on, and it turned a bluish color. What SHOULD I have done?Is there anyway, at this point, to make it look silver like a keg? I have to leave here in 40 minutes with the cake, PLEASE HELP!!
Hello all, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!My husband bought me a airbrush powered by a propellant can. He purchased it at Michaels. Is this appropriate for airbrushing cakes? The Wilton instructor at Michaels said it would be okay, but wanted to see if anyone here has any advice?
I've put it in the frig to without any problem, then straight to the oven. Good luck!
So far my fav is the snow white buttercream with a few minor changes (less meringe powder, more vanilla & butter, no almond). I would like to start using a more "royal icing like" frosting, but haven't tried any yet.
Hi Allibopp5,We're just about neighbors, I'm in Lincoln! I'm looking for a good tasting "royal icing like" icing for cookies too. Here's a bump!
Hi y'allI would like to try the mudcake recipes, and did a search in the forum for the one with the conversion for U.S. measurements, and can't find it. Any change someone here knows where I can find it? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
I know I'm waaaay late on this, but thought I'd respond too... I use the snow white buttercream from Wilton for everything (with a few minor changes), including cookies. I also use the cookie recipe I got from the cookie class given by Wilton. I did a bouquet today and realized its a lot of work so make sure you charge enough. Its a lot more work then cake, (of course my cakes are still fairly simple), so its easy to be harder than cake. ha ha
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